The fifth generation

Baron Wilhelm von Faber (1851-1893)

Lothar von Faber's only son Wilhelm is destined to take over the company. But his sudden death puts an end to these plans. Because both his sons died in infancy, there are no male successors.

Wilhelm von Faber on a business trip in Russia.

After his business training at a Swiss boarding school, Wilhelm von Faber takes a role in the family company. He is given power of attorney in 1876. His business trips take him to Russia and America.

In a hunting party: Lothar (far left) and Wilhelm von Faber 2nd f. right)

Baron Wilhelm von Faber has a close connection with nature. He loves retreating to his hunting lodge near Nuremberg to hunt for deer. And it is here, in his favourite place, that he meets his tragic end long before his time.

Further generations

The fourth Generation
Baron Lothar von Faber (1817-1896) The factory develops into a company with international standing.
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The sixth generation
Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander von Faber-Castell (1866-1928)
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The seventh generation
Count Roland von Faber-Castell (1905-1978)
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