Pink cherry blossom dream

<font color="#fa7f9f"> Guilloche Yozakura </font color>

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of celebrating cherry blossoms in spring

Hanami. In Japan, this word, which means "to look at flowers", refers to a special springtime event: cherry blossom season. The Japanese traditionally gather in parks and streets from March to the end of May to eat, drink and admire this magnificent flower together – preferably after work: At the so-called yozakura ("nighttime cherry blossom festival") cherry trees are illuminated, making their pale pink blossoms glow against the deep black night sky. It is a magnificent spectacle that celebrates the beauty and transience of life.
Inspired by the magic of this nocturnal spring ritual, the new Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche series includes a soft pink hue. The writing utensils and accessories for the workplace, briefcase and handbag are a tribute to spring and also prove that delicate shades of pink are always welcome, even in this season. 

The collection includes the Guilloche fountain pen and Guilloche propelling ballpoint pen. The series is named after grain guilloche, a special engraving technique that enables the surface relief to change colour depending on how light hits it. Matching ink is available in an elegant bottle or as a box with six cartridges. The high-quality writing instruments are stylishly stored in matching cases that are made of fine-grained Italian calfskin and can accommodate one or two pens. For sketches and notes we recommend the Guilloche pencils in the series, also available in pink – the perfect desk companions to the popular spring trend colour. The Yozakura linen books round off the ensemble. Manufactured by a small Bavarian factory with intricate thread stitching, the books in A5 format are perfect for noting down thoughts, ideas, appointments and tasks.