The round Graf von Faber-Castell cufflinks as well as the classic bars captivate with their modest elegance and are perfectly coordinated with the Collection’s writing instruments. Platinum-plated or 14-carat gold-plated, they are ideal as a sophisticated gift for gentlemen and fashionable ladies.
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Cufflinks round, platinum-plated
€ 225,00
Cufflinks round, gold-plated
€ 275,00
Cufflinks cylindrical, platinum-plated
€ 205,00
Cufflinks cylindrical, platinum-plated with jade
€ 315,00
Cufflinks round, platinum-plated with faceted citrine
€ 365,00
Cufflinks cylindrical, gold-plated
€ 245,00
Cufflinks round, platinum-plated with faceted jade
€ 365,00
Cufflinks round, gold-plated with faceted citrine
€ 395,00